Fresh Flowers

Available throughout our local growing season

— May to October, pending Mother Nature —

We offer fresh flower bouquets featuring what’s blooming on the farm.


Each bouquet is a reflection & celebration of the changing season. 

As we approach Spring 2021, I will announce exactly where you can get fresh flowers grown right here at Common Cheer .



I’m working towards a combination of sales here on the farm, and from our flower van touring Westlock and Athabasca.


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We grow all our flowers right here in our flower field and hoop house without the use of harmful pesticides/herbicides, and with thoughtful soil building practices in mind. We strive to be a low waste business, so we make every effort to avoid or reduce using wasteful packaging and processes. Our bouquets come in a simple paper wrapping that can be composted or used for crafting once you’ve brought your flowers safely home.



We start growing seeds as early as January 1st each year to ensure a wide selection of specialty blooms are available to you throughout the growing season.



Along with thousands of baby seedlings we start, we are constantly adding to our collection of perennial flowers and plants.

We also offer our locally grown flowers for weddings, celebrations, and other events. 

Due to the seasonal nature of growing flowers locally, we can’t guarantee a specific flower will be in bloom for your event, but we assure you there will always be gorgeous flowers in bloom.


That’s part of the magic of local flowers: What’s in bloom represents exactly what’s in season, and it means the blooms can’t get any fresher than that. 


Local flowers are fresh flowers.

At this time, we are not offering full service floral design, but we welcome you to invite your florist to use our locally grown flowers at your event.


We are offering loose flowers in buckets that can be arranged on your own, as well as select pre-made small arrangements that can be picked up or delivered.


Contact Kayla to discuss your ideas and see if we can make your flower dreams happen.

In the future, we will be hosting “pick your own” flowers eventsflower workshops, and making the flower field available for photo shoots.


Joining the newsletter is the best way to stay informed about these fun activities.

Flowers for your garden

Grow something beautiful in your own yard.

Flowers to plant in Spring

In Spring 2021 

I’m bringing in a limited number of gorgeous dahlia tubers and ranunculus corms for you to grow in your own garden.

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Let’s grow them together this summer.

Flowers to plant in Fall

In Fall 2021 

I’ll be bringing in harder to find, specialty varieties of tulips, daffodils, peonies, and a few other perennial flowers for you to plant in your own yard.

Let me know what colours or kinds of flower you’d like to see brought in and I’ll do my best to source them for us.

We’ll be offering these specialty flowers locally to all gardeners of Westlock, Athabasca and area.


Dried Flowers

Dried Rudbeckia

We hang flowers to dry all summer long.

You know why?


They’re the perfect way to bring a little bit of summer inside during the winter. We can’t grow fresh flowers in Alberta all year long, but we can definitely enjoy locally grown flowers all year long.


Our locally grown & dried florals are a unique, sustainable alternative to imported fresh flowers for weddings and events outside of the local growing season.

Our dried florals will be available in the fall, after the fresh flowers have finished shining.