Farm fresh flowers for Westlock, Athabasca & area


Common Cheer Flowers Westlock Athabasca

Flower Club is your ticket to the FRESHEST flowers you can get your hands on!


I’m so stoked to grow premium flowers for my community (like ranunculus, anemones & lisianthus!) that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Slow down & smell the flowers!


Each week, our Flower Club bouquets feature the best of what’s currently blooming on our flower farm. Take a journey through the local growing season as new blooms arrive each week. 

Flower Club for 2024:

  • Early Summer Flower Club runs mid-May to July 11 with THURSDAY bouquet pick-up in Westlock and Athabasca
  • Late Summer Flower Club (Aug-Sept) will be launched in mid summer


These are BETTER! These are unique specialty flowers grown in your community.

You may discover new flowers you never knew you needed in your life, all while supporting local agriculture!



May 23 to July 11, 2024 

4 or 8 week Early Summer Flower Club 

  • 8 Week: Receive a bouquet for 8 consecutive weeks 
  • 4 week: Receive a bouquet for 4 weeks (you choose which weeks you want them!)

Perks of Flower Club 

  • 10% discount on fresh flower purchases throughout the season
  • An exclusive farm tour in August (no one gets farm tours except Flower Club!)
  • 1st access to the BEST of the best flowers from our farm


Flower Club bouquets will be available for pick-up at our partner locations in Westlock and Athabasca on Thursdays


 Elladora Boutique; open 11AM-5PM 

Drop-off will be on Thursdays, and you will have until Friday at 5PM to pick up


Pick up from me at the pink van from 8:30-12:30 in front of the courthouse


Westlock Home Hardware ; open 8:30AM-5:30PM

Drop-off will be on Thursday after 1PM, and you will have until Friday at 5:30PM to pick up

Enjoy our big juicy tulips for the first 4-6 weeks of Flower Club
Featuring new tulip varieties and colours each week. (This is great for all you tulip lovers out there!)
Our premium ranunculus and anemones usually start making an appearance in Flower Club by the 1st or 2nd week of June
Bouquets start to feature a lot of variety in flowers by mid June. A true delight!
Lisianthus are always a good idea

The Flower Club is perfect for:

  • Relishing some of summer’s bounty in your workplace or home
  • Gifting to friends, coworkers, neighbours, Mother’s, Grandmother’s.. Heck, even Dads too – Flowers make people happy!

The Flower Club is perfect for:

  • Relishing some of summer’s bounty in your workplace or home
  • Gifting to friends, coworkers, neighbours, Mother’s, Grandmother’s.. Heck, even Dads too – Flowers make people happy!

FAQ's: Flower Club

  • You get the BEST of the best flowers from our farm. When we only have a few of the most special blooms (like butterfly ranunculus), Flower Club gets them before they are made available for purchase at the pink van. 
  • A 10% discount on any extra flowers you purchase online or at our pink van all season long
  • A farm tour in August (we don’t do tours for anyone else!)

All Flower Club bouquets will have a *minimum value* of $40.

Because you are choosing to be part of the Common Cheer Flower Club, there’s a good chance I will occasionally “beef up” the bouquets when I’m swimming in an abundance of flowers – as my way to express my gratitude for your support through the season. No one’s gonna say “NO” to more flowers, right? Consider it a perk of being in the Flower Club 😉

The visual size of the bouquets will vary because some flowers have a higher value than others. Rest assured, every Flower Club bouquet will have a *minimum* value of $40, even when they might look bigger or smaller some weeks.

No – all bouquets will be “farmer’s choice” to ensure you get the very best of what’s blooming on the farm.

If you are unable to pick up that week, I highly recommend spreading your Flower Club cheer, and sending a friend or family member to pick up the flowers and enjoy them that week.

I will confirm your pick-up weeks through e-mail once the season begins. 


As you know, we are working alongside Mother Nature, and there could be occasions where I have to reschedule a Flower Club drop-off due to weather damage or unforeseen events. If that happens, I will be sure you keep you informed. 

Please reach out to me (Kayla) if something comes up, and I’ll try my best to swap something around, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to accommodate all requests. Worst case scenario is that you get to share your Flower Club with a friend, co-worker, or family member that week!