Common Cheer - Flower Farm - Fresh flowers grown near Fawcett, AB

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Kayla & Andrew
Hi there! We're Kayla & Andrew. Nice to meet you.
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We grow over 200 varieties (and counting!) of specialty cut flowers right here in our flower field and hoophouse for people in Westlock, Athabasca & surrounding communities.

We sell our bouquets during the growing season*, and provide custom orders of our specialty blooms all season long to adorn weddings & events, cakes, and everything else you want flowers for. 

*May – October, pending Mother Nature, of course!

Common Cheer is a small, rural flower farm nestled next to a mossy stretch of boreal forest near Fawcett, AB.

We bring people together with the COMMON CHEER of flowers.

Our passion is cultivating a community more connected to nature through specialty cut flowers.

Kayla + Andrew

We are Common Cheer.

Kayla in Perennial Garden

Kayla is the nature loving soul with the vision for Common Cheer. She’s the one making the plans, growing the things, investing in the infrastructure, and choosing to build Common Cheer with reckless abandon. After 10 years spent contemplating a different career that combined horticulture and making people happy, she committed to starting a flower farm on the land her Grandparent’s used to homestead. The core intention is to bring people together through the Common Cheer of flowers, and foster their connection to nature and the seasons.


Random Facts about Kayla:

potato chip aficionado, freestyle kitchen dancer, reader of every sign on a boardwalk, prefers summer, could survive on BC Cherries & Peaches when they’re in season, insistent that “snacks” are the most important meal(s) of the day

Andrew with Baby Owl

Andrew has been Kayla’s partner in adventure since 2010, and with equal amounts of reckless abandon, he is helping build Common Cheer. Where Kayla’s skills and interests wane, Andrew’s skills and interests conveniently take over – it’s a perfect pairing. He’s pretty handy to have around with his woodworking skills, and determination to make things function the best they can. Nothing here would happen as easily without Andrew’s persistence to do things better, even if it means inventing and building a new tool to make it happen. 


Random Facts about Andrew: 

baffled by the size of the universe, tree climber, pasta lover, good with sewing machines, skateboarder, wood turner, always losing things, extremely curious of the contents of strange locked doors in odd places

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