Common Cheer - Alberta Flower Farm - Flowers make people happy!


Grown locally on our flower farm for the good people of Westlock, Athabasca, and surrounding communities 


Near Fawcett, Alberta
Fresh cut asters
Picking zinnias in the flower field

Common Cheer is a little flower farm brought to life with the intention to bring people togethercultivate a community more connected to nature through locally grown cut flowers

Flowers make people happy

We grow an abundance of flowers right here in our flower field and hoop house and can’t wait to share all the beauty with you.


There’s nothing more grounding than having a little piece of nature around to remind you to slow down and breath.

Slow down and savour summer with our fresh, local blooms.

Cut flowers let us bring a little bit of outdoor magic inside...

  • a garden inspired bouquet to freshen your table at home or at the lake
  • a lively little posy next to your workspace
  • give the gift of flower cheer 
  • adorn birthday & wedding cakes
You can feel good about topping your wedding or birthday cake with our flowers because we don’t use harmful pesticides or herbicides to grow them.

So go ahead… stuff your face in our flowers!